Numeric plates are the ultimate car accessory.

They are exclusive, distinctive and have a sense of history. These plates are only offered through auction and include the original numeric series issued from 1906 to 1966 as well as selected new release numeric plates. 

Numeric plate auction

Information about upcoming online numeric plate auctions is not yet available.  

We ask that you check the website periodically for updates or follow us at

You can also register your interest (PDF 24Kb) in future numeric plate auctions or specific numbers and we will contact you when information is available. 

Plate combinations and sizes

Plate shape Plate size Plate combination
Up to 3 digits 190mm x 134mm
315mm x 134mm
371mm x 134mm
same front and rear
4 digits 315mm x 134mm
5 - 6 digits 371mm x 134mm
Alternative sizes can be ordered for an additional cost.


White numbers on black background.


Numeric plates are released subject to specific terms and conditions. There are various types of number plate agreements and terms of these agreements vary. Only certain agreements are transferable.

Numeric plates are selectively sold at auction by the department and are issued with Class Specific Rights. Class Specific Rights enable the plate to be transferred to vehicles registered in the same name and sold to a third party. When a plate with Class Specific Rights is sold to a third party, the purchaser inherits the same rights as the previous owner after paying a transfer fee of 10% of the plate value.

Register your interest (PDF 24Kb) in future numeric plate auctions or specific numbers.

Before buying the rights to a privately sold numeric plate, ensure the person has the rights to transfer the agreement to a third party. You can do this by sighting their Agreement Schedule. If you have any doubt of the availability or conditions of the number plate please email

Restricted Rights allow a numeric plate to remain with a vehicle regardless of continuity of registration, while the vehicle remains the property of the owner. Once the vehicle is transferred to a new owner, the Restricted Rights are lost.

Restricted Rights may be granted to a new owner at the discretion of the Registrar where special circumstances apply, for example, to the beneficiary of a deceased estate.

Any further enquiries please email

All number plates and colours are representations only.